"Arghezi 4" by STRABAG

Bucharest, 2021. Seizing an unprecedented opportunity right in the center of the city, STRABAG is developing a boutique office building that benefits from all the cultural, institutional, leisure and transportation facilities offered by such a unique location. We were commissioned the creation of a marketing film and of a set of CGI stills that would make the new development stand out in a crowded market.

Arghezi 4

Office building, Bucharest, 2021

Strabag Real Estate

Deco Architects

Film Production

CGI Still views

The Client requested a film that conveys the feeling of working in an exceptional building. Near-by landmarks, optimal design, abundant greenery and appealing ground-floor retail space were key features to be showcased in a commercial film.

We looked closely at the high quality of the building itself. Our compositing and animation work was complemented by eye-level and drone location shooting that added accuracy to the context. 

The storyboard covered lively morning moments in the lobby and atrium, then slowly moved towards a relaxed, after-work mood at dusk, on one of the terraces. The characters were young Bucharest professionals sharing moments of togetherness while going to work in the morning or using the amenities of the new building. 

We were excited to communicate an overall sense of well-being carried by the project’s motto.

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