"Blanchisserie" by ICN

Luxembourg, 2020. We were commissioned to create a marketing film for a project designed by Fabeck Architects in central Luxembourg. The film had to convey a calm atmosphere and offer a glimpse of the future community lifestyle.


Residential building, Luxembourg, 2020


Fabeck Architectes

Film Production

CGI Still views
Virtual tour

A high-end residential project in the center of Luxembourg. The mission of the developer, Luxembourg-based ICN, was complicated: they had a sloped site, a decaying landmark building to keep, a strong historical background and the goal to build a modern residential project and a welcoming home for future residents.

We chose to avoid a narrative approach and assembled many observational vignettes, small contributions to a larger story. Our shots evoque the beauty of the old city, the warmth of the apartments, the quality of materials and all the social interaction that can happen in a shared garden or a private terrace. We silently observe life unfold on a small alley, in the train, on the balcony or at dinner with friends. We hope that the film appeals to young, environmentally conscious people.

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