INBETWEENNESS 2023: How to capture a ‘visual’ audience with boring spreadsheets

As an architectural visualization studio, attending the Inbetweenness 2023 archviz festival was an incredibly exciting opportunity. Not only were we able to show some of our work and reconnect with fellow professionals and old friends in the industry, but our founder, Tudor Vasiliu, was invited to be part of the festival’s speaker’ panel.

The event

The Inbetweenness archviz festival is a gathering of architects, designers, and artists who specialize in architectural visualization. Founded by Pedro Moreira in 2020, the event covers offline/online meetings, content, and experiences to bridge the gap in the archviz community and enable the exchange of creative ideas and shared interests.

The Panoptikon presentation

Tudor was thrilled to be a part of this year’s festival, which took place at the end of February in Aveiro, Portugal. He introduced the story of Panoptikon, starting with the first projects from back in the day, and up to our most complex visualization project, Printzipal, which resulted in a mixed-technique film involving creative storytelling and storyboarding, CGI animation mixed with drone and street filming, actors shots in urban, interior and green-screen locations, and motion graphics.

Spreadsheets, the starts of the show

Tudor’s talk has been a self-referential exercise performed among friends, with a healthy dose of self-irony regarding the beginnings of Panoptikon, and a lucid description of the lessons learned in the past few years. The narrative thread has been our complex collaboration with other professionals and the ways in which it deeply impacted our mission, our role, and our perspective on picturing unbuilt architecture.

All in all, it’s been really exciting for Tudor to share valuable insights and reveal his personality to the audience. He even undisclosed the excel spreadsheets behind our project management, and the audience was surprised at all the hassle involved. 

Works and friends in a creative gathering

Inbetweenness 2023 turned out to be a great creative gathering, in spite of some technical difficulties.We look forward to attending future editions and continuing to push the boundaries of architectural visualization in the years to come.

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