We were approached by ICN to produce the marketing visuals for an ambitious real estate project in Luxembourg that aimed to redefine the notion of "office space" in the wake of the pandemic.
We didn't stop at simply meeting the brief, but pushed the envelope further to provide an even more compelling and competitive edge to the project.


Office building, Luxembourg, 2022


M3 Architectes

Landscape design
Raul Nicu & Panoptikon

Interior design

Film Production

Concept design & production of the CGI Stills, 2 Films, 2 Cinemagraphs

Deliverables: A bigger story

The marketing package included marketing images, cinemagraphs, and two films: a teaser and a longer-form 2-minute film.

We were also asked to design the interiors and arrange the forecourt. We aimed to create iconic views and tell the bigger story of Printzipal.

The end result was a large-scale architectural rendering project that showcased breathtaking 3D visuals, complete with concept designs, two presentation films, two cinemagraphs, expertly crafted landscaping and interior design elements, and a powerful message: life goes on and we’ve adapted to the changing times.

We are proud to have been part of such a groundbreaking project and look forward to working on many more exciting ventures in the future.

Designed for user comfort, low environmental impact, and high-quality spaces

Printzipal boasts an impressive set of amenities attested by leading industry certifications: WELL Gold for human wellness, plus BREEAM Excellent and DGNB Gold standards for a sustainable built environment. A new, well-adapted office that takes into consideration the shift of paradigm regarding climate change following the Paris Agreement.

We started to work on the 3D model, as we knew that this stage would be succeeded by important design decisions. So we created a thorough exploration of the project with a full 3D universe and curated camera angles. This became the framework for the 3D stills and cinemagraphs. Interior and landscape design additionally provided substance with furniture, materials, finishes, and vegetal elements.

Interior design with a focus on the Concept: interior-exterior flow & unity

Our client required easy transitions from inside to the outside, with amazing sliding glass walls, airy spaces for social distancing, and exciting facilities.

We adopted those design pillars and pictured an ideal outcome. Our concept was of unity, with coherent materials and shapes both inside and out.


Aesthetically related references and products helped us communicate the flow and avoid monotony. We picked visually similar interior and exterior light fixtures, selected floorings that ensure interior-exterior continuity, and a lamellar ceiling that connected rooms with one single gesture. Seamless transitions and harmonious interiors have been our pillars for a dynamic experience.

The Plaza, perfect for social interaction

Based on an initial concept sketch produced by the Client, we designed the Plaza as a friendly setting for working in the fresh air and reuniting with teammates. There’s fixed or mobile furniture and plenty of shading.
The pavement channels movement and marks the sitting spots. End-users can opt between time alone on a chair, or lunch with colleagues on the extra-large benches.

The Lobby, a signature spot of the brand

The lobby was designed to add value to the “Printzipal” brand and set the standard for the rest of the world-class building. It would create a memorable user experience, with the sculptural spiral staircase and the lush green wall that makes a vertical accent and encapsulates the project’s green performance mission.

Film Story: last day of working at home, first day of going to the new office

The first frames put Printzipal in a broader context: the film followed a CEO character as he left the clutter of his home office and returned to the real office after an electric bike ride across scenic views of Luxembourg.

We built anticipation and enthusiasm by showing a high-class office building. Small narratives and new characters showcase Printzipal’s top features: the majestic entrance, those stylish workstations, the Barista corner, the in-house gym, and the auditorium. The evening, a business gathering on a spectacular rooftop terrace.

Proximity to nearby urban cafes and restaurants allows our CEO to have lunch with a business partner and come back in time to give a talk in the largest space of the building, the Auditorium.

Film production & postproduction: Integrating footage into 3D

We hired actors to drive a more compelling story, combining live characters with 3D animations to bring everything to life. Lighting, perspective, and field depth of field were resolved by a virtual effects crew in postproduction, with a 270° green screen. 

We streamlined the integration of footage with 3D elements and closed the film with a motion graphics explainer, pointing out why Printzipal sets the benchmark for the future of working.

Location shooting, a matter of finesse. Then, sound design for a sharper experience

Filming on location in Luxembourg, after transporting the crew, equipment, actors, and styling elements, added authenticity and consistency to the story. Considering that we had produced the 3D model beforehand, the 3D production of this stage was significantly more efficient.

The coordination skills of our experienced project managers had been essential: bad weather forecasts required constant checking updates and cross-referencing with flights and accommodations to find a  less cloudy week.

In postproduction, we added a deeper layer of perception with sound design that sustained the story’s emotional side. Microphones had already captured the sound of Luxembourg’s public transport and its human and non-human inhabitants. This helped us touch a sensuous dimension that made the film more believable.

A message of moving forward

Our interior design, visuals, and film will carry marketing benefits to Printzipal throughout its lifecycle. But we’ve also contributed to this greater theme – bringing people back to work in their familiar environment.

Two years of numbness and uncertainty had been too long. 

By focusing on the end-users, we now feel like we have adhered to the extraordinary will and grit of moving forward with courage and resilience.

Hit play to watch the film below.


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