SLS Residences The Palm Dubai

Unmatched Luxury in Dubai

The developer’s vision for SLS Residences The Palm Dubai was to create an ultra-luxury project with beachfront access and endless amenities, situated in one of the most desirable locations in Dubai — on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. Appointed with the creation of the marketing 3D visuals, we wanted to capture the allure of the island paradises like the Maldives and create a haven of luxury at the heart of Dubai.

SLS Residences

The Palm, Dubai, 2023

Design Project, Ennismore, Roya Lifestyle Development


Landscape design

Interior design
Studio Carter


Marketing Images

Understanding the Market

Understanding the expectations and preferences of the luxury real estate market in Dubai was critical in our approach. Recognizing the market’s preference for golden sands and blue waters, we sought to recreate this in our visuals, despite the contrasting environmental conditions in Dubai.

The Art of Perspective

Our process begins with the investigation of potential views using tools like Google Earth. We also refer to client-specified views or guidelines and begin the process of refining these into our final images. This involves applying texturing, trying out different lighting conditions, and drawing from local references to ensure we capture the unique Dubai atmosphere accurately. Sometimes, in this journey, we have to improvise of course, and be adaptable to the ever-changing conditions of the project. There were instances when a chosen angle was eventually discarded in favor of a more flattering perspective, or when we had to decide what angle to approach the buildings from. 


Our execution began with a client-provided 3D model. To create an authentic sense of place, we drew inspiration from local beach lounges and native greenery. The furniture selection and overall styling were key to this authentic representation, as we modeled these aspects after actual Dubai beach lounges. We also used specific types of greenery, such as date palms and shrubs native to Dubai, as opposed to those found in Egypt or Arabia. 

Ensuring the views had a realistic backdrop was a main focal point in our approach. Our client ensured that a local photographer could quickly snap the desired photo backplates, so we provided detailed indications to make sure the photos were captured from the right angles and at the right time of day to match our 3D shots.

Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding of the local culture played a significant role in the character designs. Considering the local customs, characters were decently dressed, showing minimal skin. This sensitivity to cultural norms was crucial to ensure the visualization was both authentic and respectful.

Setting the Tone

From the outset, our draft renderings were infused with beauty and appeal. A color palette consisting of blue-green pools and blue offshore water was carefully chosen to capture the desired ambiance. Despite the natural water conditions in Dubai, our clients were specific in their request for blue waters in these CGIs.


Despite facing unique challenges, including intermediary communication and tight deadlines, we maintained our commitment to the project’s distinctive art direction. Efficient task management tools and communication platforms facilitated successful adherence to our timeline.


The power of our storytelling and art direction came to the forefront with The Palm Dubai project. We successfully sparked an emotional connection with viewers and potential clients by creating a true representation of Dubai’s luxury that resonates with the local culture. The positive reception of our work and the satisfaction of our clients underline the transformative role of our work in turning aspirational visions into attainable realities.

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