UpSide Interiors

Our client ICN commissioned us to create the interior design and marketing material for their new mixed-use development in the center of Luxembourg, named UpSide. We joined a partnership of experts, including the acclaimed designers at Arquitectonica, with a shared mission to plan, design, and promote this office/residential scheme rising on the picturesque Rue d'Arlon.


Mixed-use building, Luxembourg, 2022

ICN Development


3D images
Panoptikon & STOA

Interior Design

STOA & Panoptikon


Interior Design for residential + commercial + office

3D interior imagery

The dance of interior design and visualization

The project started after a 2021 planning competition to regenerate the historic Belair area. The UpSide building checked the City’s diversity and quality objectives, so we had a thrilling variety of apartments, terraces, co-working spots, and facilities to take to the next level.

Our imagery shows the mesmerizing effect of image-making on architecture. It’s like a dramatic Paso Doble, with dancers barely touching each other but executing the dance in an action-reaction play. Similarly, daylight, furniture positioning, the curation of brands, and the art direction got to be confronted with photorealistic visualization techniques.

Particulars like cardinal orientation, finishes, and surface areas have always been under the scrutiny of developers and buyers alike, so we wanted the interior design and visual content to seduce but ultimately tell the truth about this extraordinary project.

The expertise of our collaborators at STOA helped the UpSide interiors get that elegant, bold atmosphere expected from marketing imagery. Details, textures, scale, and proportion are always more evident in interior views. Everyday familiar spots like living rooms, bedrooms, and offices are people’s safe spaces, so they ought to be pleasing and charming and correspond to users’ expectations.

The white piano penthouse

Our concept was of soft, cozy interiors, with maximalist open areas, as top selling points for the apartments. In the white piano image, we subtly depicted a wait-and-see situation: like the rising anticipation of going up the stairs just before reaching the rooftop terrace.

The combination of natural textiles, wood, and marble accents created a surprising warm-cool contrast. The bedroom’s selection of tones and patina counterbalanced the wild greenery outside. 


The black piano penthouse

This spectacular penthouse delved into inside-outside movement. In the black piano picture, the rule of thirds and subtle shadows helped accentuate the seamless transition to the loggia.

The dining image focused on the staircase leading to the rooftop terrace in a sunlit scenography. The kitchen backsplash and mineral accents projected a feeling of luxury. Visualization informed the design, as we have been iterating versions of the handrail-slab joint with metallic parts before reaching the neatest solution: an invisible slot in the stone.

The terrace offered a romantic morning view of the Belair neighborhood with its bell tower, pointing out the exceptional location of UpSide.

Other splendid residential nooks

The “townhouse” duplexes at the southern ground level and their private gardens were among the project’s strengths. Visualization helped us design the staircase and concrete planters in a contemporary, well-articulated way.

With UpSide addressing diverse budgets and family types, the shared rooftop terrace with its high planters and pots generated separate nooks for dinners with friends.

Ground-floor spaces

The commercial areas would communicate the high-quality tone of UpSide, starting with street level. We designed them to function as a creative agency and a realtors’ boutique, with customers entering straight from Route d’Arlon. We experimented with decorative paneling and opted for an eclectic mix of materials to provide an impactful look to both agencies.

UpSide offices, an aspirational workplace

The Client requested a corporate, subdued, less-is-more design of the offices, with increased modularity and flexibility. We opted for intelligent placement of furniture, plants, and curved glass walls instead of fixed partitioning. We focused on the greenery outside through design choices and favorable angles.

In a more contemporary direction, the black ceiling exposes the ventilation installations and gives a warm, coherent feel. We picked concrete or terrazzo floors in the public-oriented areas and carpeting for acoustic control in the offices. Light-colored wood paneling for the walls brought natural coziness and rhythm to the interiors.

The furniture selection addressed a timeless outcome. We picked tan leather pieces to give the scene a classic, warm twist. We envisaged workstations for the more formal end-users but also spots for co-working and informal meetings.

We designed the rooftop terrace with mobile furniture and standing tables. The center of attention would have been the illuminated bar, so we created a dusk-time visual showing a business cocktail gathering.

Extra marketing package for a potential buyer

The Client requested some separate, insightful visuals for a potential customer. We devised a set of informative unfurnished interiors to explain some functionalities of the construction. Images of parking spots, elevators, hallways, and restrooms may not be eye candy, but make effective decision tools for some.

UpSide, an honest story

The Client’s input on Luxembourgers’ expectations, behaviors, and interests was key for picturing and designing for a demanding audience.

After thorough exploration and testing in the 3D environment, we achieved flawless execution. Constantly working with pixels, we had a keen eye for details. Our collaborators at STOA had a passion for high-end brands. The outcome added value to the project.

Luxembourgers would access the website, ponder on the project’s features, look at the visuals and make informed decisions about investing in this new mixed-use development.

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