Outstanding visions of future architecture

Panoptikon is your friendly award-winning architectural visualization studio. 

We support the world’s top Architects, Designers and Property Developers with inspiring images, film and virtual experiences.


We create visual content that helps win architectural competitions and boost sales & marketing engagement for unbuilt property.

Supporting clients across the globe, our work helps showcase architecture projects in any stage of their life before construction: Competitions, Concept & Schematic Design, Design Development, Planning and Development Approval stages, all the way to Sales & Marketing.

Our clients are visionaries: Designers, Architects and ambitious Property Developers who wish to make the world better through design and who share the passion for architecture, space and place. 

That passion drives us to do great work.

Let's see some work

In over 16 years of experience, we've had the chance to work on truly amazing projects. Here is a small selection.

Our services

Your projects should shine across all mediums and platforms. This is how we can help achieve this goal.

CGI Still imagery

We create exciting CGIs – Computer Generated Images – that win competitions and sell your design to clients, persuade investors and decision makers.

Film & CG animation

We produce cinema-like Films and Computer Generated Animation that go beyond architectural representation to tell a story and captivate your audiences.

Augmented & virtual reality

Interacting with space in realtime is the next step in understanding a project. AR and VR are the most engaging visualization tools available to you today.

Concept Design

The driver of our creative process, concept design fills the gaps in your project and allows you to make decisions in a way that is cost-effective and which creates maximum value for your customers.

Metaverse & world building

To enable the experiences of tomorrow, we can imagine and create exciting new virtual worlds. Digital replicas of real-world spaces and objects are only the beginning of your user’s journey into a believable new reality.

Interactive tools

Tools allowing to effectively gather all marketing content in one place in order to showcase and sell unbuilt property are a must have in today’s competitive landscape.


Work with us.